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About Me

Mama of 3

I have given birth with 2 different models of care, experiences and outcomes.

-Cesarean after "failed" Induction under Obstetrician Led Care (private sector) 

-Elective Cesarean under Obstetrician Led Care (private sector)

-Cesarean after unsuccessful VBAC under Private Midwife Led Care (public sector)

Because of my experiences I am knowledgeable in understanding how the medical model can often fall short in supporting women to achieve a positive birth. My life work is to inspire, support and inform mamas-to-be of their birth rights and to experience a birth that she looks back on with joy, pride and confidence.

My Experience

I have 1.5 years left to complete my ECU Bachelor Of Midwifery & Nursing education (double degree) and have attended the births of over 20 babies in various environments including water births, home births, birth centre births and both private and public hospital births.

I have successfully completed several Midwifery based practicum placements including antenatal, birth & postnatal:

-King Edward Memorial Hospital, Subiaco 

-St John of God Hospital, Subiaco

-Mercy Hospital, Mt Lawley

-The Family Birthing Centre, Subiaco 

-Kaleeya Hospital, East Fremantle

-Kalgoorlie Hospital, Kalgoorlie

-Community Midwifery Program, Joondalup & Kalamunda

Currently undertaking Doula training through Vicki Hobbs Doula Training Academy due for completion June 2019.


- Orgasmic Birth with Debra Pasacali 2019

- Your Doula Toolkit [Vicki Hobbs] 2019

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The Role of A Doula


Support during Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Having a baby is the most life changing, soul stretching and heart exploding experience a woman will ever have in her lifetime. Be it your first or fifth, each birth is unique and transformative. My role as a Doula is to help you create an absolute rockstar birth you will look back on with a deep sense of pride, joy and peace no matter the outcome. I walk alongside you throughout your journey  from pregnancy through to those early weeks ensuring both you and your partner feel informed, in control and supported. Every mama deserves to feel nurtured and empowered. I will help you achieve not only a calm, positive birth but also a supported transition to life with your new baby feeling like the Queen that you are!


Meet Steph & Davie


"I was a few months into my third pregnancy when Kristy came to the rescue. The help she provided for my husband and I was invaluable. Kristy was very professional with a tender touch, and carries with her a fun and vivacious spirit, although also incredibly intuitive and calming all the same.

Our meetings involved a general chit chat and comforting support for my prenatal needs, exploring my desires and preferences for labor, and finally, incorporating the support for the dream birth I was cultivating.

She taught me that there was still so much to learn about childbirth even though I felt I ‘knew it all’. I indeed did not! She taught me how to rely on my body and I became more confident and ready with every meeting we had. 

Zac arrived earth side on the 23rd Dec, so unfortunately with this being during the Christmas period Kristy only just missed his birth, however, she still managed to comfort and reassure me constantly in the lead up that day via messages and phone calls. 

The birth itself was just the way we imagined it would be, I laboured at home with my husband in the most blissful environment for the first 8cm; something I never thought I would be capable of! I followed my intuition and felt completely in control and at ease with the process. My husband really made an effort to carry out all the little tips and tricks Kristy had armed him with. We were both calm and I felt safe.

My husband had to basically carry me into the car as I was so deeply in ‘the zone’ that I almost had him in my garden at home!

We arrived at the hospital and I slowly made my way up to the maternity ward through contractions, where I was met by a lovely team and checked for progress. I was to my amazement 8 cm dilated! From there it was into the bath where I surged through those last couple of cms. The bath was amazing. 

Unfortunately I had to hop out once I started to feel pressure as there were no midwives on duty who were able to perform water births. I strongly resisted advice to lay on the bed (I constantly kept in mind Kristy’s advice to stay ‘upright’ or on all fours and work with gravity) 

Instead choosing an all fours delivery in the shower! A couple of push’s and our little Zac was in my arms.

He had some breathing difficulties, and I had a mild cosmetic tear but all in all the labour and birth were beautiful.

There were discrepancies in those tender moments post delivery that kristy helped me deal with in the following weeks. We talked it out and basically de briefed the experience during a few visits over the post partum period. She also brought over two family meals for a tired hungry mumma.

Kristy went out of her way on many occasions to drop off little bits and bobs to help me through that postpartum haze, all of which I was so incredibly grateful for.

I can’t recommend her enough, I know she is going to blaze through the doula community leaving a lasting impression on families and fellow doulas alike. With her vivacious energy and intuitive nature anyone would be lucky to work with Kristy as their doula!

We Love you Kristy, you will always hold a special place in our hearts."

Package Options


Gold Package $1100

* 3 x  1-2 hour Prenatal Visits (including Fear Release, Birth plan, Robozo & Massage)

*Access to Resource Library (books, research)

*Access to Birthing Pool 

*Access to TENS during labour

*Access to CUB during labour

*Labour & Birth support including massage, aromatherapy & Robozo (up to 15 hours, Active Labour)

*Back up Doula 

*1x Postnatal visit 1hrs (including birth debrief, breastfeeding support, mothercrafting & sleep settling techniques)

*House tidy and baby minding 2hrs (whilst you sleep or duck out!)

*1 Nutritious homemade evening meal for the family

*Postpartum Tea (if not placenta encapsulating)

* Phone & email support 


Silver Package $800

*2 x 1-2 hour Prenatal Visit (including Fear Release, Birth Plan)

*Access to Resource Library (books, research)

*Access to Birth Pool

*Access to CUB during labour

*Birth Support & Attendance including massage & aromatherapy & Robozo

(up to 15 hours, Active Labour)

*Back up Doula

*1x Postnatal visit 1hr  (Birth debrief, breastfeeding, mothercrafting support and sleep settling techniques)

* 24/7 phone & email support


Postpartum Package

This is an individually tailored package comprising of blocks of hours.

$30 per hr.

Services can include but are not limited to;

*Mothercrafting/babycare education session including bathing, feeding, settling, sleep, nappy changing, swaddling, dressing baby

*Childcare whilst you nap or head out and do YOU

*Overnight baby care at your home, feeds and resettling (both breastfed and bottle fed)

*Home organising (laundry, tidy up)

*Meal prep

*Food shopping

*Breastfeeding support

Please note, no cleaning only tidying.

Postnatal Doula vouchers are a wonderful, practical gift for new mums! 

$100 Gift- Includes 3 hours of newborn care, house tidy/laundry and birth debrief session. 3.5hrs total.

$200 Gift-Includes 6 hours newborn care, house tidy/laundry and birth debrief session PLUS 1 home cooked meal. 6.5hrs total.



Can I still have a Doula even though I may choose to have a birth with interventions?

Absolutely! Your body, your choice. I support all mamas choices, it is my job to ensure you know what your options are so that your decision is informed and well considered.

Can I still have a Doula even though I am booked to have a cesarean? 

Sure can! Preparing for a positive cesarean birth is just as important as preparing for a physiological birth. A woman who has had a cesarean will likely need even more support post birth managing her healing and transitioning to motherhood following major surgery.

This is not my first birth, would I still benefit from the care of a Doula?

Without a doubt, yes. Every birth is unique and research strongly supports the positive effect of  continued professional birth support on birth outcomes irrelevant of how many births the woman has previously had. A woman who has experienced birth before will especially understand how imperative good support really is!

Will my partner be included? He/she is worried he will be replaced by having a Doula.

Your partner is the second most important person in the birthing room, an important part of your world and a wealth of resource, they know you better than anybody else thus providing a wonderful team dynamic together. Your partner is highly encouraged to attend our Doula visits to learn ways he or she can best support you and to have any questions/concerns addressed. We all want to be on the same page!

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